Win More with Online Blackjack



Blackjack remains a very popular casino game due to the low house advantage, and the potential for skilled players to actually work an advantage on the house.


When you play blackjack online, the house has the lowest possible advantage, due to higher payouts for blackjack wins. The house also has no way to manipulate the deals, which makes it impossible for any cheating to occur.


When you play blackjack online, a random number generator determines which cards are dealt every time. That makes it impossible for another player to take your card -- which never happens when you play alone against the house.


If you like to count cards, you can choose single-deck blackjack, and try working your advantage. Most online casinos, though, will use a new deck every hand, to thwart card counting. Many use multiple decks, too, for the same reason.


You also have the option of playing blackjack live, with other players, but still use a computer-generated dealer. That helps to keep the game pace flowing fast, while ensuring each card dealt is random.


When playing with multiple players, it helps to use multiple decks. That way, you don't have to worry about a player "taking" a card with a bad play. The computer deals every card randomly, and with more than one deck, that same card still is in there, and with an equal chance of hitting as any other card.


Online blackjack also offers live dealers, which makes the game more fun. The dealer usually appears live via video and calls the action. The deal is still done randomly by computer, but the live dealer determines when cards are dealt.


A live dealer can make the game more social and fun. The dealer also can explain rules and answer questions quickly. That helps you to learn the game faster and know when it's best to split cards, double down, and make other advanced plays.


You also have options for different types of blackjack, which comes in many varieties. You could choose among traditional blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, European blackjack, Spanish 21 and many others.


Some have better payouts for blackjack and differing rules on when you can surrender, or make other special plays.


The best online casinos will give you a 2:1 and many times better payout on blackjack. That's better than most land-based casinos will do, and is among the many reasons online blackjack is a great game to play for fun and to win cash.



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