How to win at video poker

Video Poker Description Video Poker

Video poker is a gambling game which is based on five-card draw poker. You can play video poker in casinos on a computerized console which is very much like a slot machine, or, more recently, online. The first video poker machines have been manufactured in the middle of the 70s and its popularity has been increasing ever since. Video poker machines operate with a virtual 52-card deck or a 53-card one when using a Joker. To get started all you have to do is place a bet and insert the amount you want to wager into the machine. Then you need to press the “deal” button in order to receive your cards. Should you not be content with the cards you have drawn you have the chance to change them for some new cards. And, if you have winning cards you will get your payouts out of the machine. Nowadays video poker machines use variants of the standard five-card draw. One of the most encountered variation is “Deuces Wild” where we have a “wild card” which is a deuce (there are also games that do not have a wild card). A wild card can replace any card in order to form a better combination.  When playing “Deuces Wild” you are paid a jackpot if you have four deuces or a natural royal. Other games which carry in their name adjectives like “double”, “bonus”, or “triple” pay out considerable amounts for combinations that comprise four Aces and a five, or for even smaller kickers. When playing a multi-play video poker game you will begin with the standard hand of five cards. Each extra hand you play will be drawn from a different set of cards. You can find these multi-play games in versions such as “Triple Play”, “Five Play”, “Fifty Play” , or “ One Hundred Play”. The so-called “full pay” video poker machines are those that payback a maximum percentage for that certain game. Thus, the payback percentage of full pay video poker machines is generally close to 100%, sometimes it can even go beyond that. The most popular video poker game nowadays is the one called “Jacks or Better”. Players are paid out when they have a pair of “Jacks” or “better” combinations. This game is also known under the name “9/6 Jacks or Better” (the 9 refers to the payoffs for a full house and the 6 – to the payoffs for a flush). “Double Bonus” is a variation of “Jacks or Better”, the main difference between these two games being that here, if you have four Aces, you are paid out a bonus. Another variation of “Jacks or Better” is the game called “Double Double Bonus”. This game gives bonus payouts for different four of a kinds. Playing video poker is quite simple, all you need is some luck, and, of course you have to be of legal age. There are many kinds of video games and if you try them you will find that they are quite entertaining.


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