Top Roulette Betting Tricks

Roulette is often described by many people that it is one of the easiest casino games to understand but it is the most difficult to master. This is absolutely true because it takes less than an hour for a newbie to know all there is to know in roulette but to become a master at roulette, it takes a lifetime. While itís difficult to master this game, it does not mean that you have to settle for a loss each time you play. You can help increase your chances of winning playing roulette at by employing some few proven tricks.

Ditch American roulette all the time

There are in general two types of roulette i.e. American roulette and European/French roulette. These two roulette types are similar in many ways and if you are not that very much observant, you may fail to spot the difference between these two. However, the difference lies in that American roulette has an extra pocket thatís covered by two zeros, Ď00í while European/French roulette only has one zero Ď0í therefore one less pocket. The two extra zeros in American roulette help increase the odds in the casinoís favour while decreasing your chances of winning. In American roulette, due to the extra Ď00í, you have 1/38 odds while in European/French roulette you have 1/37 odds. Itís therefore advisable to play European/French roulette more than American roulette.

Keep eyes on the table

Every piece of the action in roulette takes place on the table, therefore, your attention has to be on the table for the entirety of your gaming session. By keeping your eyes firmly on the table, it helps you to track colours and/or the number pockets where the ball is falling into after every spin. This is crucial because it helps you in predicting your next bets,especially on a biased wheel. If the ball is regularly falling among the first 19 numbers, then you should focus on the first 19 numbers but if itís falling among the last 19 numbers, then your focus should be largely on the last 19 numbers. The same can be said of colours if the colour red is winning on most occasions, then there is no harm in predicting a red win for your next bet.

Bet on zero

Most people rarely bet on zero/green. They just focus on all other numbers and two colours only i.e. red and black. However, according to the Guru Mantra, one of the most popular roulette strategies, betting on zero is as profitable as betting on any other number pocket or colour if not more. The Guru Mantra states that normally, the ball lands in a green pocket after the 30 spin but before the 64th spin. As such, if you are spinning the roulette wheel for close to a 100 spins, once you reach the 30th spin, start to consider placing your bet on the green pocket. Most of your bets from spin 30 to spin 64 should focus more on the green pocket than any other pocket.




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