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So I Roulette millionaire  

1. How it came to this roulette system report
2. If a dream come true
3. Small introduction to the roulette
4. So I became a roulette player
5. The dumb farmers have the largest potatoes
6. Setbacks
7. My life as a professional roulette
8. System: "Follow The Leader"
9. System: "4 of 6 TS"
10. System: "chaotic system" 
11. System: "Manila-system"


1. How it came to this report
Anno Domini 1980 were the first beginnings of eRBe publishing. The Restaurant Manager Roland Benn Benn founded the dispatch, the first secondary led and based on the distribution in Germany Report emerging literature specialist.
On the distribution of foreign publishers published works came in the course
own time. Since 1992 firmierte operating under "eRBe-Verlag. From a weekend company was now a major source of income.
1995 Roland Benn over the company to his brother Holger obtain information from
the direct management retreat to allow more time for writing to have and to the beautiful Philippines to übersiedeln where his second wife comes from.
There, he made the acquaintance of a young Chinese Filipinos Origin, one day with a very special concern to him herantrat: In the knowledge that his friend, a publisher, a publisher, was told he him the story of his uncle Cypriano. This was recently died.
He left behind his relationship an unusual Testament. Cypriano was what we in Germany called a colorful dog. He built a while -- Though not intoxicating - high school degree, but in his insurmountable aversion to any dependency ratios, either it does teachers, company executives or in any form, it never allowed him, through his day and thus his career itself
to be able to determine, he is soon on its own feet.
Never learned a profession, practiced Cypriano but a whole series of Activities, mostly self-type, between the extremes Farmer and Kaufmann were over half a dozen stations that it never rich in money, but of experiences made.
When he was 40 years old, his life should be another twist , but this time more drastic than ever before, moreover, by Duration. Through an acquaintance, he came in first with Roulette Contact (see Chapter 4). First, he had the proverbial beginners luck, but soon afterwards followed by bitter setbacks but to assist it - still casual players --
brought in financial distress.
But again said the fate Cypriano well with it and let him other old business friend again, on the comparability of transactions on the stock market as those of philosophierte roulette game. This resulted in direct consequence to the presented in Chapter 10 system.
Throughout his life watched Cypriano his system and inaugurated never Secret
even a soul in its findings, but it played only for himself themselves brought him regular, long-term gains. He was ultimately roulette millionaire.
When he died at 56 years, he left not only a stately property, but also a schlitzohriges Testament: How selfish as a player he was, socially, is now his last will dar. His relationship should be only in his money, if they the system at a reasonable price published or publish it.
Otherwise, the legacy of various charitable organizations Be made available.
And so, the history and the system of Cypriano-San in eRBe Publisher / Holger Benn Publisher weltexklusiv published and you are hereby before.
Enjoy reading.
And good luck!

If a dream come true
My tax expert once asked me, as I could because there are at the small amount of my actual taxable income in Compared to many of my financial obligations.
Now I answered him: "I just know a good bank, which gives me always, what I need. "
From his silence irritated I concluded that it was not the answer much could begin. He knew at this time does not mean that I agree with the "Bank" the casino (s) said.
In fact, my relationship to commercial banks - as with most Contemporaries - not always frustfrei. But casinos, it was I am dealing with you over the past one and a half decades
very pleasant: Bittstellen no, no embarrassing interrogation, no burdensome paperwork, no ignorant employees, not arrogant Decisions, but discreet atmosphere, polite manners, immediate Payments, no indiscreet questions about the use, respectful gratitude, customer-opening times (even at night and on Sundays and public holidays), global opportunities, Speculative gains, which are fully exempt, and so on.
The Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote in his novel "The Players ", which incidentally is halbauthentisch because he own experience Turkey:
"I can in the desire to get the most money in the shortest possible time to
win, nothing to see dirty. "
Can we durable but at the roulette?
Pure mathematical terms, the conditions actually.
There is no other gambling in the world that such a high Dividend rate compared to 97.3 percent! Maybe called Roulette is therefore 'Queen of the Games ".

Nevertheless, 99% of the casino visitors above question with no answer. From their own experience. Many players system will be restricted endorse this view. Finally, the
Two giant players have been weighed against the casino:
• He always has a mathematical disadvantage (if it eg all 36 Figures and the Zero sets = 37 pieces used), he gets only 35 -- use times.)
• It is always undercapitalised (the Bank has simply more money).
While almost every player whose more or less aware of but most know not to two advantages which they compared to the Bank:
• You can set the time of entry for themselves (you must only, if they see fit; e.g. if an analysis an increased probability of winning led).
• You can change the date of outing themselves.
Now please do not say, but it was all a matter of course. Those selbstredenden advantages are actually the majority of Casino visitors is not correct. Many are obsessively at every
Coupland, until the game consumes capital. Until they are forced to stop.
Properly applied, these benefits but to the financial target!


Each amateur dare to, to be able to play roulette. It was once a colleague rightly said, Roulette should not play untrainiert. Just as you do not untrainiert attracts runners to participate in a Skating competition, just as you should not without training and without expertise on Roulette competition. It will otherwise on the smooth floor fall. Some are even angry tumble and existence and health at risk.
But I never condemned the amateurs. The majority of Planlosigkeit Player (I could also say their stupidity) allows me to do, Professional players, the fulfillment of my dream: the hobby into a profession to have a good income without having too long and too difficult to work. It even with the most beautiful places the world and interesting people to learn.
Without the many stupid patients, all advice in the wind write, could not the few doctors so good live. Without the many clients who have no idea the few lawyers would not
their high incomes. It has to be so. But it is not necessary that you, dear reader, always the losers.
The roulette with my life dreams possible that I - they allow
I have the freedom - under the 6 Golden G have summarized:
• Money
• happiness
• Health
• Good Business
The course also includes large personal as well as tax Freedom.
I travel all over the world.
I live first class, food delicate, elegant dress me.
I can do what others want expensive cars and Status symbols such as Rolex, yacht and bodyguard. With regard to the factor Leisure could not be better that I go: I can
finally indulge my hobbies. Instead of routine somewhere to acidic, I change every day.
I have many relations, because I learn a variety of People, including interesting and powerful. Of course also beautiful women of all skin colors ...


Small introduction to Roulette
This chapter is for those of the readers those who have not yet Knowledge of the roulette and its rules. This sense Reportes, it is also that it is precisely those in the game also herangeführt will.
This little guide will lead you in a position to the rules of the game to master and the best use of opportunities.
In conjunction with proven systems can also be a newcomer with low capital investment is considerable, and also legal tax Build extra income. Based on your financial capabilities
determine this profit level itself You have the choice to use your two items (money and time) to vary, by using e.g. a small available to use capital through an added investment in time offset. For permanent exercise may Your gradually increase your revenue income hauptberufliches quite soon exceed, but you also in a groomed, stimulating atmosphere with superior entertainment values move.
And now for the basic knowledge about what's going on the roulette table,
on the rules of the game and the game operations and profits.

3rd Game operations and profits:
On the banks and to the various gaming tables, you can wager in the
Value from 1 to 10,000 value units (euro, dollar, pound, etc.) to buy.
If the croupier asking: "Please make the game" ( "Faites vos
jeux "), set at the opportunities that will profitably
appear, namely:

This is one of the numbers from 0 to 36th
Wins the target number, the 35-fold the use of paid.

The bet is on the line between two numbers.
Wins one of the two numbers, the 17-fold the use paid.

The deployment comes on the sidelines of a series of three cross Numbers.
Wins one of three numbers, the 11-fold the use of paid.
The same payout is, if the numbers 0/1/2 or set 0/2/3 have been).

The deployment comes at the intersection of four numbers.
Wins one of these four numbers, the 8-fold the use of paid.

The deployment comes at the intersection of the side line and the first
Cross-line (numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3)
Wins one of these four numbers, the 8-fold the use of paid.
The deployment comes at the intersection of one of the lines with a cross
Side line. Wins one of the six numbers on both sides of the cross line, the 5 --
Fold the use of paid.

The deployment comes on the field under one of the vertical Columns of numbers (1-34, 2-35, 3-36). Wins one of the twelve points of this column, the 2-fold of the Use paid.

The deployment comes at the right or left fields marked with 12P (1 Dozen: 1-12), 12M (2 dozen: 13-24) or 12D (3 dozen: 25-36). Wins one of the twelve numbers, the 2-fold the use of paid.

The use of Noir (Black), Rouge (Red), Pair (line), Impair
(Odd), Manque (1-18), passes (19-36) is the designated bodies
the tableaux. Wins the simple chance, the 1-fold using paid.

Wins Zero (zero), the use 35-fold, and all with zero related approaches as with any other number disbursed. All other bets on numbers and number chances are the bank (also dozens and columns). The stakes on simple chances are blocked on the side pushed the edge. The player can also the use of half pay. Published in the next Coup concerned chance again, the use again.

In any case, the winning players also use his back!
Running the ball, so long as may be set until the croupier says:
"Nothing is more" ( "Rien ne vas plus"). If the ball fell, the croupier the number and calls on all Numbers and opportunities that have won. Operations, which do not have won, be recovered. The stakes have won, remain to pay. Then begins a new game.

Are you at a table for an extended period at the same time several chances, ask the dealer to marked chips. With these, you and your employees the game easier overlook. When leaving the table still go on Your possession chips at your table. On Quick Table and the American Roulette, the invited guests, their operations even at all. Each player is for his own responsibility. At a seat, only guests are entitled to apply to the game join.
Rufannoncen are allegedly not normally in However, the reality permanently.
Disagreements are elected by the hall management authentic decided.
As on the previous representations have seen is the Playmaking at roulette systematic.
According to the individual risk tolerance allows Roulette game based on the likelihood of a variety of accounting Games.
• red (rouge) or black (noir)
• straight (pair) or odd (impair)
• figures on the top (1 to 18 = manque) or the lower (19 to 36 = passe) figures, half of the hit probability of 1:2 exist almost all probability rates.
The potential profit moves naturally, as in the preceding
Scheme can be seen in relation to reverse the risk.

So I became a player roulette
My best business friend came to me one day and said that he soon times in a casino would go. Not because he overpaid Money, but because he desperately needed what (!).
He had to urgently replace an important machine because the old failed, but had no financial means to buy the bar. The idea was already aberwitzig enough. What should we say, however, when we know that he had never before in a casino?
Na in any adventurous as I am now times, I was his proposal of course, not averse, especially me Zockererfahrungen still in the Collection were missing.
Always again, I had heard of fantastic profits and read. Previously this was a different world for me, but they practiced at once a certain attraction.
Our only problem was that we bags and bladder - pardon: Setting and Peel off - had no idea. Also recalled is an ausrangiertes children roulette set, somewhere in an attic
vergammelte. It was found again, dusted and as a training device .
We tried a few evenings a few game itself created methods (of Systems to talk would be too presumptuous), until we prepared enough felt.
Nevertheless, we entered on a Friday evening together the next best Casino Filipino - honest with up to the neck klopfenden heart.

The dump farmers have the greatest potatoes
But from my role as moral assistance was quickly the real Main character: While my friend and promptly lost his first Evening loss was so shocked that he never in a casino in the world was seen, I had luck on my side and won a little (converted 110 euros).
Fascinated by these new opportunities, I went the next evening play again - and won again. This more than doubled as at the premiere (280 euros).
In the belief that it should go, I was also on the third Evening play roulette seen - and it worked again. This was the Daily profit with almost the equivalent of around 500 euros more than in the two Vortagen.
After only eight days ago I had the money for the investment of my friend together, because my sum total profit amounted to 11,850 now Euro and I could transfer him 6,000 euros. If I have something in a magazine read or seen on television would, I would have about as much lebensfremde imagination of the author only verständnislos shaking his head. So wrote but real life once again an incredible History itself, and I was the main actors. A further two days later was my profit stand at about 20,600 euros arrived. It was the sharpest what I then in four decades of experience had. The euphoria is difficult to describe. I could not wait until the selected casino the next day re-opened. It was almost heavenly, if I do not ever again Fear of loss and had schweißnasse hands. But that's just the price you pay. No sweat, no gain!



Dear reader, you will want to know burning in what way I so much money in such a short time. Was there a particular System, which I assured these regular profits, even the seemingly worked because it over a longer period of time was successful?
I thought it first. When I later but more knowledge, the is now also a painful experience had negative, I was clear that I just happens to have a very successful Glückssträhne caught. The farmers have just dümmsten the biggest potatoes or how to get in
the Philippines says: The monkeys faulsten know the sweetest bananas.
Since I had not much idea of the game with small ball, I played of course - how can it be otherwise - always an easy opportunities. At the beginning seemed "passports" than the simple all sympathischste Opportunities and consistently put it. Where it is not immediately worked with the profits, progressierte, so I doubled the last deployment, which While the accelerated heart beat, but always worked.
It did not take long and I gave my resentment against the other easy chances to their potential. All this may for an old roulette hares amateurish amateurish and listen to
but I will describe only as I began.
It was initially included everything well. Initially, because I agree with the smallest
Piece unit played and thus risked total capital was relatively small, later, because I won sufficient financial resources had to include durchzustehen negative long runs. But also because I get my game a little refined and no longer indikationslos a chance to set.
So I learned very quickly that an indiscriminate entry as quickly to a five progression can lead to finally put the chance. Since I thought steig but only after the fifth absence, then you save you some abdominal pain.

From my records (printed Winning was there yet not) I realized that a long series (eg 7 times in succession red) are rare and when they come, not of long duration, so soon
stop. So, I look for simple chances, which already has a few times (at least 5, then 6 or 7 times) have fallen and continued to the opposite, so to abort the series. Because every series sometime hears once again.
This was even better and truly breathtaking up. The Missions have always been higher, hence the daily totals ever profit berauschender (converted to 8,000 euros per night)!
Until the accident came in the form of so-called Platzern. I never thought that it give such a long series. We must imagine: Until then, I had never lost, not even a single Progression canceled. But then came the 9th April. I know there are as it is today.
At a certain meeting in Davao City was already nine Impair (English: Odd) was published, for me the signal soon enter. I started with a 50-chip and had a couple of times progressieren because the run but remained stubbornly Odd. But I had enough
Money (over 14,000, -) this evening and already well 3,500, -- only in odd numbers. Slowly I became restless, from the unrest was fear, fear of panic and finally I had my last money
, but far and wide not Even (line). Overall appeared here 19 Odd time in a row. Even if more money I had with me would have it I would not much used, because when I last sentence almost the Maximum reached. That was a shock! I was invincible for me and now I was beaten. A new experience. In 20 minutes I had lost what in many hours had accumulated.
Well, this evening was wrong, because everything playful. But to surrender
I wasted no idea. The operation was an accident. More not.
The next day I brought back fresh money from the bank and tried my luck again. But in the following weeks, it was never more like earlier. Perhaps because the fear of total loss is another dimension had. I knew everything was possible. My system was dilettantisches
a dangerous vulnerability. I was no longer so as to unbedarft Beginning, I mistrusted my roulette system, I did not believe more firmly. But I played my mesh, and again won a lot. And again
I lost everything in one evening.
I started new game systems to create or buy and try. They ran for a time, until they reach their limits met.
Despair came slowly, because friends and relatives had me the successful players money entrusted to my dream Initial returns to participate. But I slipped deeper.
Because it wanted the chance that I "Lord", an old friend again met (calculated in a casino, where I least suspected it would). With I had him years ago to do professionally. He was and is still Investment adviser and lead a successful organisation. He beamed on this day the only way, less because of our re-seeing, but because it is based on the computer his company to have fun Durchrechnen system and it had to spend your time now and again
played. He was pleased that his theory in practice confirmed. In two hours, he had won twelve pieces and was completely satisfied.
In his exuberance was quickly Lord willing, the revolutionary Consideration to explain what put behind it. I listened carefully, especially here in a simple chance was played, kept the key data in memory and made me at home to work. My review reached the same positive data. Then I worked my Booking system and was thus in the practical testing.
From now on, it went back uphill. It was now a different game than previously, a lot of writing and posting work, a lot of waiting, watching and Sichin - - Practicing patience until the moment to (eventually always successful) Attack had come. But it was worth it. The system was not in me Stitch.

I started small again (with Mark converted only 50!), This has saved my Gains largely to higher authorities then play and emporzuarbeiten me.
The higher unit I could finally units in the same time much higher revenue. My time was
an average of 3 hours, of which over two-thirds full with waiting, booking and Analyze were occupied and the actual playing time was rather low. This but even more successful. In one hour could be 5 to 10 pieces of net win, with a high nominal value. I have never later with pieces played less than 100, but mainly with 500ern and Tausendern (or in the casino allowed maximum, eg 25 Dollars on easy opportunities and also there is), so that I daily between 500, - and 10,000 - could take home.

 My life as a professional roulette
After I had gradually consolidated and my profits again were considerable, it was a very logical step that I Rounds in the world began.
Firstly, because I was always reiselustig and in this respect Nachholbedürfnis had this hobby because I have not been in the desired level could operate, as I sufficient
financial resources were lacking. Secondly, because it would have been unwise, always in the same two, three casinos to win. Sooner or later I would have my own chair
the door. The casino landscape in the Philippines is quite different than, for example, in Europe. It was partly a big change for me, when I later Europe travelled.
In the province there is no traditional casinos (if otherwise much for bingo, cock fighting and other, often illegal games verzockt), in the metropolises Manila, Cebu or Davao are they on the other hand massaged.
A tie-forced there are not, as well as the Dress code as a result of the climatic conditions far from relaxed. One must also pay admission, but no one wants to see a passport.
The atmosphere in the game rooms is not dignified and elegant-steamed, rather glaring and grubby. You can at any time to the gaming tables also Food and beverage by a small table beistellen. And it is loud. Because Filipinos spontaneous and because the rooms comparatively huge.
Roulette plays only a minor role. In a room with about 70 Game tables (!) Are perhaps 2 or 3 roulette tables. Much popular are card and dice games.
The roulette boilers have a completely different order of numbers, There is also the double-zero.

The employees receive fixed wage, so that the gratuity not Give mandatory. Electronic Display permanence mostly missing. A completely other world also.
First, of course, I went to turn the Filipino in Metro Casinos Manila, because I also lived there. Very soon I was with all other Places of the country, what happened to me many beautiful travel in this beautiful country allowed.
If you otherwise favourable living there, but everything with luxury do, in the Philippines is relatively expensive, including travel outside the National boundaries. But after over a year ago, I had enough money together, to include new countries to get to know: Singapore (because of which I its order and cleanliness was totally surprised, but not quite
cheap), Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan, Korea.
Increasingly drew me abroad. And I was getting longer and more I flew further. It made a lot of fun. I was a tourist, who is his leave and travel money in the casinos earned.
The dream land for every Filipino, the United States. Also I wanted for once there. Only the Americans want us not very happy in their country; because all of us for poor Schlucker, the only underground and want to work illegally and make it extremely difficult to even a
Tourist visa. But a few years waiting time (because I had no relatives, who could vouch for me), the proof of local real estate owned and which now account stately finally allowed the fulfillment of a dream. The country fulfilled almost all my expectations in terms of tourist - but in a playful, I had my problems. This fascinating and overwhelming about Las Vegas is the proliferation of small French Roulette gave me something to create. Because the many American roulette tables recent simple chance even no longer be required. Profit maximization of roulette culture. Thus I often on other systems. But I was all in all
satisfied. After the EDSA Revolution in 1986 and the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos
I also wanted to Europe as well. First Germany as the most important and largest country. And again it was not simply a visa to get, because the German embassy, the visa-granting
Rules tightened. But it was me. How many freedoms we have can enjoy when you rich!

In Europe, I felt very comfortable. High standard of living, great security, wonderful, always new landscapes, so many Interesting different languages, cultures and mentalities at a relatively small space. It was generally the most varied.
As in the U.S. already, so I also bought a mobile home and moved so of casino city casino city. Sometimes I had company while, sometimes not. A wonderful feeling of freedom. I felt Years younger. Sometimes I was tired of Vagabundierens, then I rented I am in the best hotel in town and let me spoil.
But like everything in life, when everything finally seen and experienced, is not only a sense of saturation, but the former differs unrest gelasseneren a vision of things in life. Moreover, I am now almost mid-50 and no longer the youngest. After a slight Heart attack, I met unexpectedly in Spain, I have to travel almost completely abandoned. Also, I play little. I largely withdrawn and take care of me now just to other things that I have more fun: a few shops, the garden and my private harem.
I have decided, a little of my life on paper , because I do not know how long I will live. Perhaps I for one roulette or other friend in the world to help his Life's dream into reality.
Below are some of the systems under which I've played.
It must be said that none of them infallible. The perfect System has also been adopted by me not yet invented, because the mathematical Benefits are always on the side of the bank.
Why can still some professionals from the games live? Because they have something that has physical and mathematical calculations Legislation goes further: intuition!
A good player plays not just stubborn (e) (e) - he developed Rather, a sense of the situation, the trend and use this one or other system as a tool.

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System "Follow The Leader"
In the chapter "setbacks" I told you how I as a rank amateur I have gone the way that many Frischlinge, which is set to easy opportunities because of the possibility of profit is the highest (almost 50%), albeit the least paid (only one of the Simple Use).
And I reported that I experienced what everyone experienced the simple Opportunities with the so-called Martingale-Progression (= constant Doubling the use for loss) plays: namely that after a Profit longer phase, which several days or as in my case even
several weeks, the Platzer occur (often then even more, because it must balance everything in life). And about Shift sows are all profits back zerronnen and often even more
the capital.
I can understand from our own painful experience every strongly recommended,
according to Martingale progressieren. Rather, it can a pig on eingeseiften Tail act as a permanent Platzer be avoided. When the accident , is only a matter of time.
But I found a way, but in long series to play without all to lose. A simple way even.
I re-thought out for longer runs, strong favourites and clear trends, e.g. 4 times the same color or quiet coup-effects such as: 3x red, black 4x, 2x red, black 4x row, etc.
Instead, but - as before - to abort the series to speculate, I did now exactly the opposite! I put on continuation d.h. I put on Repetition of the newly published ink or opportunity. I have to always showing phases in which the simple chance to individually as well not occurred.
The overall attack on the piece to be gained now consists of 3 Part - Attacks with - limited - Martingale-progression. For the first loss . Will play in the next sentence of 2 pieces after you again a dominant chance ausgeguckt (can be switched to another Table). In nochmaligem loss will be played 4 pieces - again after taking a strong trends.

In 90-95% of total attacks, the three attacks to success - ever on how well the quiet phase or the favourite selected. While speculating on the other series in its demolition
finite conclusion arrived at just 1 piece of well-made, but otherwise the other coups useless with hope and fear wasting drag here the optimal benefit from longer runs
and from the predominance of a favorite. Everyone Wins. Instead a piece of profit, you have often many times over. Because if you once in a positive series in it, you should of course play as long as this continues.
If the series lasts long time, you still funny, where a Martingale-Progressor the money have long expected. It is clear that even with this way of playing every series come to an end and you loses at the end of a piece. This one wins but in the vast majority Cases the next attack back - provided they had the Patience and an eye on trends and strong favourites to wait.


The advantages of Follow The Leader:
1st To avoid any progression. Your game capital is relatively low. In I generally ranged from 100 pieces.

2nd They play "with the bank" and not against them.

3rd You win on average, with every second coup.

4th Any initial loss is geringstmöglich and is quickly re-balanced.

5th The time is rather low, because of any nature constantly series

This system, I have faced higher unit nominal values played (50 or 100). My profit target were at least 20% return per evening. That means, for example, from 1,000 U.S. dollars capital, I wanted to play at least 1,200 U.S. dollars, was with 2 to 4 profit rates often quickly succeeded. Just egalisieren if losses were, I took up to two hours, otherwise I could often after 30 minutes to go in order to fund Redemption.
If my return target was exceeded, I often long series Paroli " played: That means I have a stable income and use series No deduction, but leave in the hope that the run yet
a little pause. Was that not the case, it was gone, at the Origin return this is not changed much. But in the majority of cases held the tendency (one developed over the years a feel for the correct date) and profit jumps were enormous:
From 50 U.S. dollars, 100; 100 were already at the next hit 200th
More than two Parolis I never played - we should not outweigh the happiness.
When long series Paroli the psychological aspect plays a crucial Role. The knowledge for the evening my task to have won, freed myself from the increased pressure and nerves. What is now even won was a fine Zubrot. The dot the i in a successful day. If it is not flopped, it was not bad. When next time I had usually more successful - because also applies here: It is like that everything in life.
I have hundreds of times over the past decade in this way Eingestrichen extra profits. Altogether it alone with a long series Paroli was perhaps 100,000 U.S. dollars.


Follow the Leader de Luxe
Follow The Leader system is ideally play before Background following facts:
If you have any Winning in relation to the simple chances , you find that it is always the same phenomenon can be observed are:
I want it based on Red / Black explain: You see very quickly that these colours stages occur only individually, but then again, that one or other color - or both - several times
after repeated. If we now analyzes how often Red / Black appear individually and how
they are often one or more repeat find out that the Always ratio at around 50%. Specifically: 1000 coup, the two colors together for about 50% solo. Also approximately 50% repeat it. The 50%, where a color once or twice often repeatedly, but make up to 75% of all coups - provided that it has chosen well, with frequent ones phases series
auslässt! What conclusion I drew from this?
Well, while otherwise the game on the easy opportunities Hit probability usually at 50 percent, it can be here crucial, if we proceed with the following rule:
Rule 1:
On a simple chance is then set, once again appears
BUT: This should not be indiscriminately, but with caution. Namely, only if the permanence History "calm". If he is against "torn" you hardly in a green branch.
How to "torn apart"? For example, the following sequence (R = Red, S = black):
S R R S R S RR S R S R R S SS etc.
The characteristics of a torn Permanenzverlaufes are:
• hardly repetitions
• roughly equal distribution of the two simple
What I do understand "quiet"? For example: SSSS SS R R SSSSS R S RRR SS RRRRR
Rule 2:
Only in calm permanence course set Both courses are permanence daily on each table more or less in the exchange. As for the right timing for setting it So strongly to show patience and "quiet" phases to be seen or easy to work to change the necessary
Characteristics. I myself have this system is also constantly changing tables
played. What chances the simple red / black, also applies to
Odd / Even or Manque / passports. It is recommended - if you want this record - for each separate Notice Card to lead to the permanence course more visible,
by (similar to the colors) e.g. all figures in the straight left and all odd in the right column performs. Who for the three pairs of simple chance permanence their own histories
we can then easily be continuously and successfully even in a table.
If the conditions are met, will be reduced to a simple Chance of turning the first time solo. I made exceptions Winning numbers only, similar to the following:
Here, I would never bet that red is repeated. This is this opportunity to "weak". On the other hand, is black extremely dominant.
In each of Neuerscheinen black that, on the other hand outstanding success.

Rule 3:
Only in dominant Simply put chances if you put a simple chance taken, we shall continue as long as on them until they are no longer appears. This has the enormous advantage that the permanence dominant history and participates in any coup wins, instead of
for new opportunities look set to keep. You will see that They often several times. They jump on the quasi - Erfolgszug and go on so long, until it is the next stop.

Rule 4:
In the case always After profit As I said you can with a "limited progression". Since
you do, despite all good omens do not often take the first set, yes the first set piece is lost.
The egalisiert While again when the next time is right or if success on one track meets, in several coup row.
For me personally but was often too slow. That is why I prefer to limited or even gentle progression played. And that is very simple as follows:

Roulette system


Progression Limited (San progression):
After the first loss coup is the second sentence possible doubled. In one case, winning a total of a piece plus. Is it wrong again doubled continue, is therefore now 4 pieces. In
Profit is the case again with 1 piece in the Plus. In the case of loss would be a total of 7 pieces to minus. Depending on how skillfully you choose the attack, occurs after the second or Progression third stage of the set is indeed a chance. The fact that I mentioned in the 3rd Level lost, came in the early days more frequently. Later, when I Feeling better for the Winning and they had better "read" could, This was rare.
What did I do when I with a negative balance of 7 (1 +2 +4) dastand?

Either continue to remain so, d.h. with a piece of new basic bet begin, possibly progressieren and in 30 minutes, the 7 lost pieces balanced or dual-use new ground
begin, possibly progressieren and in the 10-15 minutes Failure forgotten.

The winners maintenance lies 10 to 20 pieces per hour in my experience.
I make no secret that despite all the patience and despite all good Sign happens to be next to a row 3x. And sometimes it happens that in the period of catching up to 3x after losing, then there is also another 14 pieces minus. Well, in this case, I then doubled the stakes. The Missions have therefore follows:
Elementary: 1, 2, 4
1st Limited progression: 2, 4, 6
2nd Limited progression: 4, 8, 16 (optional: 5, 10, 20 because ease of handling)
This almost always enough. In rare cases, I had to go even higher:
3rd Limited progression: 8, 16, 32 (optional: 10, 20, 40
or 10, 25, 50 because ease of handling
The 4th Limited San progression, you can calculate it yourself.
The 4th Stage and a 5th Although stage I also personally experienced but extremely rare. It is never in all the years is alleged that I have San progression could not catch up again. My San Progression brought me no loss days!
The system "Follow the Leader" with Limited San progression was from all the systems me the favorite - and lukrativste.
Gentle progression:
Who wants or very carefully, can also be a so-called soft
Progression play:
1st Use 1 piece Net loss if -1 if net profit +1

2nd if a profit, new application again only use 1 piece if a loss, 2 pieces of new application.
if re-loss total balance -3

3rd if a profit, new application again only use 1 piece if a loss again, use new 3 pieces (last loss +1). if profit balance 0 if re-loss total balance -6

4th if a profit, new application again only use 1 piece
if a loss again, new use 4 pieces (last loss +1)

Net profit only if -2, which could easily catch up. Next Use: 1 piece
if re-loss total balance -10

5th if a profit, new application again only use 1 piece if a loss again, new Link 5 pieces (last loss +1) Net profit if -5 if net loss -15 and so on.

The advantage is that you - relatively rare - longer routes loss easily survive without the negative balance exorbitant increases (unlike the Martingale-progression).
In most cases, with two sets after winning the overall balance again balanced or nearly balanced. "Follow the Leader" is also very good, and apply in Baccarat. Since this card game in Asia by far most popular gambling and roulette is only a small supporting role
plays, I have this strategy successfully.

System 4 of 6 TS "
As seen from the title already can see, this applies to me like and quite successfully used a system known roulette Act: Two-thirds of the amazing Act.
It states that, for example, of 36 Plein figures about 24 (in one, two more or less, it is not) a long time, constantly appear during 12 points inevitable.
Why this is so, until now has not explained. The fact that it is to a fact, can demonstrate exactly. And not only in Plein the numbers, but also in all other opportunities (dozens,
Columns, etc.)
The system will be presented the two-thirds of the law Transversals Alen Simple. Since it is exactly 6 TS, it can wonderful. The 6 transversals Alen Simple are as follows:
1 to 6 = Transversal Simple 1

7-12 = Transversal Simple 2
13-18 = Transversal Simple 3
19-24 = Transversal Simple 4
25-30 = Transversal Simple 5
31-36 = Transversal Simple 6
After the two-thirds Act appear transversals Alen 4 (2 / 3) temporarily more often than the other two.
How to find out what these are?
Now, through an entirely simple booking system, which follows
Apart from any fallen figure is the corresponding number TS-written,
5 = 1
26 = 5
6 = 1
10 = 2
and so on.

Next step: when a number within Simple Transversal the last 4 coup appeared twice, this is underlined (in above example would be the 1). This will continue as long as until:
After the last point underlined TS-row 4 different TS numbers.
Then you can be set.
And on this last 4 different transversals Alen Simple.
For example according to the permanence of Table 1 of the Casino Baden-Baden,
5 = 1
26 = 5
6 = 1
10 = 2
21 = 4
9 = 2
34 = 6
14 = 3
12 = 2
34 = 6
6 = 1
4 = 1
21 = 4
17 = 3
18 = 3
25 = 5
33 = 6
5 = 1
19 = 4
Now we have to set the signal determined, because after the last 3 underlined fell 4 different Transversal Simple: 5, 6, 1 and 4 Now one piece on the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6 TS.
The next throw was indeed authentic, the 20th This is also the 4th Simple Transversal. We have therefore won.

Under deduction of lost pieces, we have an overall increase of 2 Pieces. In the vast majority of cases, one of the 4 set transversals Alen also taken. If this fails the first time, because one of the two exceptionally ungesetzten Transverse Alen or Zero has been thrown, in exactly the 4 TS same again. Most of you right now. However, we now have a total of minus 2 pieces, but by the much higher initial hit rate is more than compensated for, that the overall balance remains positive.
In rare cases it is also the second sentence a failure. Then you 4 pieces lost twice, minus 8th But this is not dramatic, because the initial hit rate is usually so high that there is still a small


Total Plus remains.
After the second sentence in each case canceled, even in loss.
To compensate a row after two Fehltreffern you can now short (2-3 Coups) with the basic bet double play.
Another tip:
Always leave at least 2 neighboring transversals Alen together, either to a dozen or 3 neighbours even Manque / passports. So too in our o.g. Example: The transversals Alen 4, 5 and 6 Passe cover exactly the figures, so that you necessarily Passe should show (of course with 3 pieces). The profit result is in the same, but in the presence of Zero, you have a great advantage because namely the use is not lost, but initially blocked.
Now you can share with the bank or wait for the next roll.
If this positive out, the total use again. The summary of dozens does not benefit
as Passe / Manque, but it increases the clarity of your bets.
In addition, profits in case the rapid disbursement.
In case of 0 (zero), the 4 identified Alen still transversals nachgesetzt once.

Successful I mostly played the following options:
I have geschilderte by posting the top rate signal identified, but is not set, but wait, if the first sentence may fail. Was this is the case, I actually set and won mainly because
a double loss rate is not so common. You can also drive to the top and see whether a negative balance (-2 Or -8) has occurred. As experience shows two minus row
also are rare, it is only when preceded by a minus balance.
"4 of 6 TS" can also play a progression, making the self-imposed daily piece profit target is achieved much faster. In about 85 percent of the manner determined by the above sentence is occasions Progression not necessary because one of the four taken immediately set TS 
In about 10 percent of cases, one of the four set TS with the second
Coup. Approximately 4 percent of the average value of meeting with the 3rd Coup.
Less than 1 percent of the value for even later meeting.
The progression factor is 3:
1st Progression Level 4 x 1 = pieces 4 pieces = total 4 pieces
(Profit: +2)
2nd Progression Level 4 x 3 = 12 pieces pieces = 16 total pieces
(Profit: +2)
3rd Progression Level 4 x 9 pieces = 36 pieces = 52 total pieces
(Profit: +2)
4th Progression level: 4 x 27 pieces = 108 pieces = 160 pieces total
(Profit: +2)

Now I am either proceed as follows:
The 1st and 2 Progression stage I at the same table, and
so that on average 95% of cases won.
If the 2nd Progression level also failed, I have to top
dargestelltem booking process after the next sentence opportunity
Kept out (whether at the same table or at any of the other is
secondary) and then there with the 3rd Progression level continue. At 85%
was now the desired hit, with 95% probability but the
next coup.

If it seems too dangerous, 160 pieces of risk can also Variant apply:
1st Progression Level 4 x 1 piece = 4 = pieces 4 pieces total (profit: +2)
2nd Progression Level 4 x 3 = 12 pieces pieces = 16 pieces total (profit: +2)
but then:
3rd Progression Level 4 x 4 pieces = 16 pieces = 32 pieces total
In the case of profit achieved 8 pieces of surplus and has only a total of 8 pieces minus (the 16 lost pieces progression from Level 1 and 2 8 pieces less profit from Level 3).
The next profit coup - the 4x4 with set pieces - is the temporary loss egalisiert again.
If the progression Level 3 but failed tripled again:
4th Progression Level 4 x 12 pieces = 48 pieces = 80 pieces total
In the case of profit achieved 8 pieces of surplus and has only a total of 8 pieces minus (the 72 lost pieces progression from Level 1, 2 and 3 8 pieces less profit from Level 4).
The next profit coup, with 4x4 pieces is legible the temporary loss egalisiert again.
For every 100 Coups per table with a profit of about 6 pieces can be expected. In other words, about 2 per hour pieces Profit.
The accounting system is easy for several tables at the same time note so that constantly changing tables can be, resulting in increased profits per hour.

Chaos System
Roulette play without system is as deep without power. This allows While not capture everything, which brings money, but the loot trains but countless are higher than with the simple Angel. So I stand every system only once positively. But not uncritically. Because systems there are at least as many as professional players. They all work even - for a time. Until them to their limits. Either sooner or later the progression or the murderous
previous losses in mass Regardless game are too high to allow them adequate time to be able to compensate, etc. There are less the weaknesses of a system which requires me erbosen, because the lies in the nature of things, but rather the fantasy prices, which often
unscrupulous demands - and always someone expectantly paid. Under the motto: "Every morning there is a Dummer" System Mafiosi make money safer than if you would play.
In my later abroad, I have particularly in Europe a strong market for roulette systems found - both in terms of the
Seem to offer as well as what the demand is concerned.
What criteria should be an ideal system have?
• game low capital (pieces)
• low Progression
• low cost
• high probability of winning
• use of roulette laws
So far, the ideal system is not yet been invented, possibly more or less good. I also have the ideal system is not yet found, but one that is above average and his men fed. A Toad must always swallow, for me it's the time. This is not low, but defensible.
The "roulette laws must be more detail will be discussed in order to the chaos-system (including Binominales system ").

Since roulette is played - and this has been well over 200 years of Case - we repeating the same laws, including:
e.g. already discussed the law or two-thirds
e.g. the law of Serienabbruchs or
e.g. the law of compensation
As you know, there are 18 black roulette boiler and 18 red figures, as is the ratio of Manque Passe and balanced. And Pair / Impair it is no different.
Consider examples of black and red:
The figures are arranged in a way that the alternate colors (Black - Red-black-red-black-red ...). In mathematical terms, the probability that of 100 Coups 50 Time black and red occurs 50 times (the Zero let out of the consideration), Fifty-fifty. This trend should be determined by the alternating arrangement in the boiler even strengthened.
But what we in practice? According to a number always black a red? By no means! It is even more the exception, as a glance at each x-any permanence in seconds. Despite the
50% probability and the systematic appear Aufreihung aberwitzigsten throw the pictures. Examples will spare me at this point. It is striking that there was often a long time, a color dominates. A really even distribution is rarely identified.
But after a sufficiently large number of coups has no color Obesity more significant, because in the course of the game again dominant colour of their alternative replaced, whether in well long dominance series or dominance in several small intervals.
What happens there in the boiler?
Black was about before, in the last 20 throws for example, 15 times occurred. Red is also underrepresented. Red must be offset, however, because it is nominally as often represented as black. The temporary Predominance of black is a tension, which is
inevitably gives compensation. Like a bow, you spans. This is almost a law of nature. Then you have experienced that now prevails red, until the pendulum back in the other direction's proposal or a Long-term calmed down. If it graphically, can be seen standing
Pendulum movements - stronger and calmer.

The question is: When will the compensation? Postwendend or several relapses or subtle, barely perceptible? As always, she comes - in one form or another.
The kardinale basic consideration for the Binominale system is also, Tensions to recognize and means of a special booking technology visible.
Now we can but not necessarily by the illusion to expect that one to a table occurrence of tension on the same evening compensated . We do not know whether the incidence of black massaged not already a power-sharing was a representation before 2 Hours took place or the day before or during the current week ...

When viewing the compensation law is notable that not only a tableau in a closed-voltage compensation field, but all Tables in a hall or a casino, too.
That is: the simple chances (as well as other opportunities) same about a time not only in the single-table, but they are the same also, if you have two tables summarizing. The same happens 3 tables when considered as a unit, for example, or 6 tables a hall.
How many times has each already experienced that he Table 1 on an opportunity set , but at the neighbouring table if he won?
If the matter so, then it means that the majority Occurrence of a chance at a table not only or not necessarily the Vacuum auffüllt at this table, but the one over a period in the hall arose! Certainly what I'm doing now with so many readers the chaos perfect. But You just wait, I would also restore order in the same.

Chaos is the keyword. Who Winning studied and laws Discovery will soon come to the view that the figures often only with chaotic to characterize. Who from previous Winning the future wants to read, in this experiment again and again failure. Because of the chaos. The ball does what it wants. So it seems at least.
Here, we consider it only from the wrong position: chaos and Laws are not opposing poles, but the chaos is the law!

I do not know whether a roulette analyst has already described. I time to take it. Unlike in Asia, where you can hardly sensible Roulette literature, the sharp whites certainly
New and revolutionary but - of which I am - my recognition that a casino is in the law of compensation is subject. And if it the whole (the casino), it is also a part of, so each
Game room for themselves and for each table. Since it practical considerations often is not possible, all the tables Casino in the voltage identification process, focuses with the same success to a room.
How to set the voltage investigation of accounting?
Firstly, I must still preliminary:
In the above speech, I have the chance color red / black.
This was done for simplicity's sake. During our subsequent Booking remarks are red / black and Manque / Passe equivalent - and together. What the above in relation to compensation is concerned, that is also interdisciplinary equivalent opportunities of different kinds! This too is a new approach, thinking approach. The faster is also a total voltage arc, then by one of the 4 Opportunities (or more) is dissolved.
(This is certainly a revolutionary outlook - at least it was me, as "Lord" I then stated his philosophy) Pair / Impair could also take into account, but because they are in the boiler
not strictly alternately happen, I verwerte their coup. I did it with Pair / Impair tested and à la longue slightly weaker Average results.
Is always busy when a simple chance after at least twice absence returns. And it exposes the fact that they are repeated.

The early booking is as follows:
20 20 1 __ Explanation: I could give you complicated explanations, why, with 20 starts, but nothing would bring. In computer - Calculations, this figure has been identified as an ideal entry (in fact, it is unimportant, because it is eh 'all chaos). The 1 is the ratio, later in the (very soft) Progression plays a role. (20 divided by 20 = 1) Now, look, where black and red or Passe / Manque for longer or shorter absence the first time.
It is to repeat. At what table you start can be determined arbitrarily, in the course
must also not a fixed sequence (for example, Table 1, Table 2, then table 3, etc.). It is always everything Chaos and everything is like it again. If two chances at the same time again, you decide for a arbitrarily. You can not wrong decision, because in chaos ..., but I have already said. Suppose that you have chosen and decided to put Passe theoretically, that passports second time. It theoretically, just in your booking. In your Booking theoretical 1 piece you need to Passe, because 1 is the ratio (s.o.).
20 20 1 -1 Passe If not, in the 4th -1 Column. The -1 is the theoretically lost a piece. This figure is somewhat of Power indicator. He achieved a certain limit, we actually (see later).
Now the 2nd The line prepared. It reads:
21 20 1 Since the set chance had fallen, the number in the 1st Column (here the first 20 to quotient increased, in other words

1st The ratio is still one, because so 21:20 = 1.05
Rounding 1st
On your other tour erspähen you are a unique red

They (again theoretically) a second time on the red
Adoption arrives, you contribute in the 4th Column 0, because the Negative balance. The full 2nd The line reads:
21 20 1 0 Now the 3rd Line prepared:
20 19 1 Since your sentence won, drawn from the 21 the number from quotient
(here: 1): 21 to 1 = 20 In the second column is the case in profit 1 always subtracted.
Also at record loss quotient number 1 Add column, in profit rate quotient number in the 1st Subtract column, in the second column always 1 (no more!) deduct!
The ratio remains at 1, 20: 19 = 1.05 = 1st round

Now you will discover on another table 1x black. They shall 1 piece in Noir. Re theoretical. They are wrong, complete the 4th Column:
20 19 1 -1
21 19 1 -2 They go back to a more simple chance and lose.
The balance is -2. It follows another record loss:
22 19 1 -3 The ratio still remains to 1, because 22: 19 = 1.2 = round.
Now a record profit:
23 19 1 -2 Now you win again.
22 18 1 -1 Now loss, also:
21 17 1 -2 re loss:
22 17 1 -3 Here is a theoretical rate of profit, also:
23 17 1 -2 rate loss:
22 16 1 -3 rate loss:
23 16 1 -4 rate loss:
24 16 2 -6 Now, the first time the ratio changed since 24:16 = 1.5 =
up 2nd Now we are (still theoretical) always 2 pieces
. It follows record profits:
26 16 2 -4 record profit:
24 15 2 -2 rate loss:
22 14 2 -4 record loss:
24 14 2 -6 rate loss:
26 14 2 -8 profit rate:
28 14 2 -6 rate loss:
26 13 2 -8 loss record:
28 13 2 -10 Now we have reached minus 10. That is the sign, no more
longer theoretical, but now there is really set and While so many pieces, as in the reservation have been identified (in this case 2).
At -10 is already a high voltage arc. Now is strong to assume that the pendulum back in the other direction's proposal, So the tension is virtually non-existent or even in the plus area.
The negative runs, you have survived without prejudice, because you only theoretically played. Well, at the time of increased Plus likelihood of runs, get out and be with very
high probability. Because the power curve is now -- always times of individual loss records broken - in the direction +10 Run.
In practice, you will see that the game is usually very theoretical long. Two hours are not uncommon. As is often tries to -10 signal before practically. Stay back! Your patience
will pay off. Minus 10 is a computer calculations and longstanding practice of proven value, which should be respected.

Depending on what size you play, you are only a few Times have to make your daily goal to have. Good preparation for the decisive attack is everything! It recommends, however, with relatively small pieces to play, so that in the event Progression still air.
Sometimes, the negative still running short of time. Since we can not nervous , because it must be soon in the direction of plus run. In addition to good nerves Of course provides a sufficiently high number of units a calming Feeling. I have always been 100 pieces (some of course in higher nominal values) and had the sum in the wallet as Reserve, which, however, I very, very rarely had to attack. When they stopped again, depends on one's own
Risk-taking: Either you only play until the first one Plus credit balance or below -10 or arrived at zero, etc. I personally have mostly stopped immediately so as soon as my
Net profit was a plus and have begun to re-book.
A few practical tips:
Sometimes 1 ratio achieved without the initial rate signal

Minus 10 published. Then the reservation is cancelled and returned to 20 20 1 ... re-started. The behavior at Zero is your own mentality to decide:
The next sentence wait and see whether the use or release in advance the bank or even share the same opportunity to use the same nachsetzen long-term no method has a significant cash advantage because everything balances.
I personally have often shared with the bank because I did not more concerned about the fate of my application had to worry about.
Sometimes he is free and you'll never forget it deducted because you at other tables are committed. When the record entry signal minus 10 in a theoretical Booking
high ratio was achieved (eg 6 or 11 to corrective pieces), you can reduce the risk that we are now actually in the next Chance of setting number reduced by the ratio as
halved or by 10 shares, etc. Instead of 6 should now only 3 pieces of risks
instead of 10, or only 1 etc.

When loss is to continue the booking number of new quotient determined
and the same Dividend reduced. My friend Lord once said, Roulette have a lot in common with what's happening on the stock market: It goes up, it goes down, you win you lose when you know only two never before, when. While there are Evidence, why with one or other securities (= Chance) could win if you einstiege, but there is a security not. It is also e.g. with simple opportunities, there are strong Arguments, but it can also be quite different. And also for the stock market tax, there is a counterpart at the casino: the zero tax. We know you can on the stock market not only in rising stock prices deserve (Bulls), but also covered (Bear). This is also in Roulette. If your booking a theoretical instantaneous,
but irresistible run of minus zero basis in the direction -10 place, you can simply on the opposite part of, what above all to set would be really, not to repeat the absence of at least twice again published chance but not to be repeated, so if Black repeat should, but now everything is running consistently in the minus, to red. I have always - sporadically - made, and so much money deserves, while I waited to minus 10.
Still a hot tip:
Far more lucrative spend the waiting time to record signal with -10
following variant (so sometimes I have more money than
the actual system):
• The big advantage here is that with a minimum of
Require use (never more than 10 pieces) and
• that it's being even more mass and can play no matter
• that you can play big pieces
This extends to the posting scheme to a fifth column, for example
20 20 1 -1 --
21 20 1 0 +
This means that in the last column, "plus" or "minus" registered, according
on whether the theoretical rate won or lost.

After a plus or minus several reappearing exposes (actually!) determined to repeat the simple chance. This Way you minus shorter and longer routes and plays only when
Plus routes. It continues until continue as Plus. The first one is waiting minus
Plus again the next and is now once again, etc. It has been empirically proven that this chaotic system variant on best be applied, if the booking balance in the direction of 0
+10 Runs. Then come several Plus reinforced in a row. If, when the balance of 0 to -10 runs, one loses first several individual pieces. These wins in Plus routes while again
back, but it costs only unnecessary time and nerves.
Generally, it is a feel for the Winning to develop. Whether it is strong or weak. The latter seems a simple Chance of repeated absence, and again, but repeated not, it is a long time solo. Much better is just in case Winning actually put their chances reasonably simple
evenly distributed.
There is always sooner or later (usually after a short time) Plus balance from 1 to 6 pieces. Since I usually played with higher values , I quickly had my daily goal, that is, with a minimum in time (4-5 hours per week) 10 to 20,000 - a month generates.

When I and my younger weekly residence time in the casino per evening many times, of course, I have to earn more.

Chaos system with Limited Progression
(San progression)
An even more heat related tip: I know of no other system that would otherwise so dangerous progression to Martingale (= doubling of the use of for loss) would be better suited! If you reserve, falls in that it is almost never long plus / Minus routes. Infinite progressions, which exceeds the maximum amount go, I almost never occurred. Most people meet to the 1st, 2nd or 3 The 4th time Progression stage sometimes, from the
5th Stage is relatively rare. Who has enough financial power, so it has enough money (for
100 pieces and the same sum for the psychological Safety cushion) and plays with small pieces, loosely makes per hour 10 pieces on average.
You can also limit the progression by one after 4 sentence failed and dropped out again with a new piece begins. Because you win the lost 15 pieces well within an hour
back again, because such failures are rare. You can - as I understand it Preferred - also with two pieces of basic bet start, then The loss in half the time reingeholt.
In the case of a further Platzers in the 4th Stage progression from complete Recovery of the 15 lost pieces, doubled it again Progress Sion initial stage, we also now begins with 4 pieces as Basic bet. With the eighth profit rate has previously lost 15 double plays again retracted and a little profit achieved, because it has even won back 16 pieces.
Now we can again use a basic step back and plays with 2 pieces as a basic bet on, until the 15 lost pieces again won.
Warning: If before the increase to 4 pieces for the basic bet Example 5 profit rates (= 10 pieces of profit) to basic bet 2 pieces made, you have only 3 more profit rates achieved to
Loss of the first 15 pieces offset. Again, we turn 8 Profit rate again by a piece of net profit.

Now you can return to the basic bet 1 piece back.
The advantages of the limited progression are obvious: You can longer keep up without being reminded of the money ratz-fatz out. While the conventional Martingale-progression after 8 Progression steps already as much as 1,023 pieces need (which not infrequently the maximum exceed the roulette table), according to the top described only 45 pieces required! With 105 pieces can be already 12 progression stages cover, etc. With Martingale would you long and flat broke.
To tactics:
You can either repeat the negative, because these numerically most frequently epresented. In contrast to the above They also play on non-recurrence of at least twice ausgebliebenen chance. Chaotically? Of course! But you beat roulette with its own weapons - the chaos!
Or you can always put on the characters in the 5th Column, the last appeared: So if an asset is published, set to that the next failure after at least twice again Simply pointing chance again. Was a minus appeared, then set sure that the next at least twice for lack of opportunity again pointing Easy will not be repeated.
Personally, I usually prefer to sign nachzusetzen, in the 5th Last column appeared. So I have both Plus, as well as with Minus won.
Also, I preferred to the 4th Progression level off, if the rate is not arrived, then the progression re - start, this time with the double size. It remains in each case, a fine feeling for the Winning at develop and only there to set, where a higher probability to
Repetition (or non-repetition, if you have to "negative" sets) exists.

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Manila system
This new system combines two winning chances, which actually nothing to do with each other, but (even so?) Profit stunning results:
The 6 transversals Alen Simple with the 6 simple chances
Any natural number (except Zero) by 1-36 is a certain Simple Transversal assign:
1 to 6 = Simple Transversal 1

7-12 = Simple Transversal 2
13-18 = Simple Transversal 3
19-24 = Simple Transversal 4
25-30 = Transversal Simple 5
31-36 = Transversal Simple 6
Similarly, we arrange the six easy chances for a number from 1 to 6 to:
Manque = 1
Impair = 2
Red = 3
Black = 4
Pair = 5
Passe = 6
Sun is set:
The principle is that chance that simple set, whose Atomic number in the previous coup has been identified. Example:

It appeared the 15, which is the 3rd Simple Transversal.

So on red set, because red is also the atomic number 3.
It also implies that the simple chance now appears, whose Atomic number one has identified. You can also do the opposite and Failure to show up. This is a matter of opinion. The result is usually the same.

So progressiert:
After limited Martingale-Progression (= San progression) as before explained.
So a piece, two pieces in failure, failure in 4 pieces, failure to 8 pieces. In general, within these four Progression levels.
When it came to a Platzer (what happened to me almost every day - often
several times - happens, I double with 1 piece or re - weitergesetzt in failure with 2 double plays in failure with 4 Double plays in failure with 8 double plays.
Within these 8 progression steps you take to 99 percent. And within
Profit rates of 7 has previously lost 15 pieces back won.
The Manila system is extremely profitable. I very rarely one day experiences, which I would be at a loss heimgegangen. Per hour are easily 10 Plus pieces achievable, despite interim Platzer.

Condition is that you
a) does not lose its nerve and described progression plan different, even if two or three times in quick succession Platzer come (only not afraid phases with longer be Platzern
Without such routes back more than offset). And b) it has sufficient capital, with a logically the other conditionally. I have always played with 155 pieces, which I even 4 consecutive Platzer (!) could offset and had at least same number of pieces as psychological in cash in reserve.
I took part in this by myself also developed system like that permanently could play without long waiting times to record signals, pictures etc.

The Zero
affects the rate technology. It is regarded as a failure,
that according to plan further progressiert.
Booking example, using an original permanence (Bad Duerkheim,
15 15 = 3 TS. It follows: 1 piece on red (3). It appears:
28 failure, as black. 28 = 5 TS. It follows: 2 pieces to pair (5).
It appears:
31 failure, because Impair. 31 = 6 TS It follows: 4 on passports (= 6).
It appears:
17 failure, because Manque 17 = 3 It follows TS: 8 pieces to red (3).
It appears:
36 hits, as Red 36 = 6 TS It follows: 1 piece on passports (= 6)
It appears:
13 failure, because Manque 13 = 3 TS It follows: 2 pieces to red (3)
It appears:
33 failure, because black 33 = 6 TS It follows: 4 on passports (= 6)
It appears:
23 hits, as Passe 23 = 4 TS It follows: 1 piece on Black (4)
It appears:
35 hits, as Black 35 = 6 TS It follows: 1 piece on passports (= 6)
It appears:
26 hits, as Passe 26 = 5 TS It follows: 1 piece on Pair (= 5)
It appears:
24 matches since Pair 24 = 4 TS It follows: 1 piece on Black (4)
It appears:
35 hits, as Black 35 = 6 TS It follows: 1 piece on passports (= 6)
It appears:
11 failure, because Manque 11 = 2 TS It follows: 2 pieces to Impair (2)
It appears:
3 results, as Impair 3 = 1 TS It follows: 1 piece on Manque (= 1)
It appears:
31 failure, because Passe 31 = 6 TS It follows: 2 pieces on passports (= 6)
It appears:
11 failure, because Manque 11 = 2 TS. It follows: 4 to Impair (2)
It appears:
9 matches since Impair 9 = 2 TS It follows: 1 piece to Impair (2)
It appears:
13 results, as Impair 13 = 3 TS It follows: 1 piece of red (= 3)
It appears:
9 matches since Impair 9 = 2 TS It follows: 1 piece to Impair (2)
It appears:
10 failure, because Pair 10 = 2 TS It follows: 2 pieces to Impair (2)
It appears:
20 failure, because Pair 20 = 4 TS It follows: 4 on Black (4)
It appears:
36 failure, because Red 36 = 6 It follows TS: 8 pieces on passports (= 6)
It appears:
Even the 4th Progression stage failed (loss: 15 pieces), so with
Double progressiert new pieces:
8 failure because Manque 8 = 2 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. to Impair (2)
It appears:
12 failure, because Pair 12 = 2 It follows TS: 2 Doppelstü. to Impair (2)
It appears:
5 results because Impair 5 = 1 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. Manque to (1)
It appears:
24 failure, because Passe 24 = 4 It follows TS: 2 Doppelstü. on Black (4)
It appears:
12 failure, because Red 12 = 2 It follows TS: 4 Doppelstü. to Impair (2)
It appears:
27 hits, as Impair 27 = 5 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. Pair to (5)
5 0
It appears:
10 matches since Pair 10 = 2 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. to Impair (2)
It appears:
36 failure, because Pair 36 = 6 It follows TS: 2 Doppelstü. on passports (= 6)
It appears:
19 hits, as Passe 19 = 4 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. on Black (4)
It appears:
13 results, as Black 13 = 3 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. to red (3)
It appears:
5 results, as Red 5 = 1 TS It follows: 1 Doppelstü. Manque to (1)
It appears:
3 results, as Manque 3 = 1 TS It follows: 1 piece on Manque (= 1)
It appears:
The last matches were lost 15 pieces back and still won
1 piece well. Now it is again with normal progression with a plot
3 results, as Manque 3 = 1 TS It follows: 1 piece on Manque (1)
and so on