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The elite of Europe and other continents thrilled to the opening of the first casinos on the France Riviera in the1800s. Since then the game of roulette has shimmered with an aura of good taste, exclusivity and excitement. The media flash images of casino habitués wearing tuxedos, evening gowns and dripping with jewels…eagerly clustered around a roulette wheel, awaiting fortune's favor.

Land based casinos in locations world-wide still host roulette players. But…. hold-on, you do need to pay an arm and leg for airplane, accommodations and get dressed up to enjoy a game of roulette.  Play roulette online in the comfort and convenience of your own home or anywhere else with your mobile device. All Slots roulette online players can compete in online roulette for prizes while sitting in a comfy chair, at the beach, the park or in the car or train.  Play online roulette on your desktop computer or laptop at the Download Casino. Or hook-up to the Mobile Casino on your mobile smartphone or tablet.

Use either or both of these platforms to have roaring good and fun time, playing real casino roulette at the best casino website where you can win payouts in real money.


The word "roulette" means "small wheel" in French. Always popular, All Slots roulette online entertains long-time gamers as well as newbies and gives new meaning to the term "game of chance." Yes, gamers: you have a chance to win big time. 

First of all, the roulette player predicts into which of the spinning wheel's 36 pockets the tossed ball will fall. You bet on the pocket number you wish the ball will fall into. The pocket colours are either red or black. You can also bet on any number of variables, such as the colour of the pocket, whether the number is even or odd, or groups of numbers.

The success of your bet depends on the probability of the outcome you bet on. If you play it safe and place a less risky outside bet, you have more chance of success. An inside bet has more risk. Smaller chance of success: a bet on a single number, two numbers that are next to each other, a group of consecutive numbers, numbers at corners and other sorts of numbers; these are all inside bets. Better payouts are the prize of inside bets, but the odds are lower than outside bets.

There is a better chance of winning with outside bets. Low or Manque groupings of 1….18; 9….36; red or black; odd or even; columns; dozens and snake bets [numbers 1,5,9,12,14,16,19,23,27,30,32 & 34]. These numbers look like a zigzag snake on the paytable. 

Roulette Tips

People who play All Slots online casino have tips to help them win top payouts.

Here are some favourite tips:


  • Honestly, there is no one roulette strategy that will always work.  Here is Gambler's Fallacy or Monte Carlo Fallacy: if you bet on a number or numbers that haven't won for some time or numbers that are consecutive to numbers that have won….then you will win. NOT. This is false reasoning and is more akin to a superstition than a strategy. In fact, there is no way to determine which number will win.
  • Here is a real strategy: Casino mavins say that it is better to place outside bets rather than inside bets, as opposed to inside bets, even though inside bets can win you bigger payouts. But, the probability of the ball landing in the inside bet pocket is lower and the risk is higher. There is a real probability that the ball will land in the pocket predicted by a gamer who bets an outside bet. Inside bets payout more money but they're riskier and the probability of hitting an inside bet is lower than that of hitting an outside bet.
  • There are various sorts of roulette wheels. As mentioned above, some wheels have 36 pockets and some have 37. Be on the look out for a 36 pocket wheel, since you have a higher probability of success.
  • You will receive bonus options, Use all of them. Free bonuses offered by the casino really jack up your chances of increasing your existing wins with promotional credits, points, cash and other kinds of freebies. Your payouts in real money will really rise higher and higher, the more you take advantage of bonuses.

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