Online Casino Promo Code Guide


Online casinos have always tried to come up with the suitable tactic to attract and retain players. In this regard, promo codes are among the most popular features which benefit both casino sites and their players.

These promo codes are just modern coupons. Their function is to offer something for free or at a much smaller price than usually. That’s why learning how to use them can greatly improve your gambling experience.


Understand How Online Promo Codes Work

Online promo codes were introduced to the public as some kind of free gifts for all. However, these codes basically help the online casinos when they have to determine whether or not players should use a certain bonus. Once they use the code, the software can connect it with the player’s account and check whether they are eligible.

Online promo codes vary on the basis of the players that can use them and the types of codes available. Most of them are public or private, while a small number of restricted promo codes are awarded to specific casino players. As for the types of codes, Bet365 promo codes are a good example of a wide selection. They include welcome offers, loyalty programs and deposit bonuses which are some of the most popular types.


How to Claim Your Online Promo Code

The next step towards your promo code is learning how to claim it. Once you’ve found the one that you are eligible for, you need to use it correctly. One way of getting the code is by copying it from the casino’s site. This is a public code, usually applicable for a large group of players. Welcoming bonuses are usually promoted this way and they require that you paste the code in the marked box during sign up.

You could also get the code by email. In this case, you should complete the sign up process and provide your email address to the casino’s staff in order to receive a reply with the code. This code can be a welcome bonus like before or a ‘deposit match’ bonus. Anyway, you have to insert it in another marked box, usually found in the depositing options.

Completing this process should have an immediate effect on your bankroll. Promo codes for welcome bonuses usually give you some free wagering money even though you are completely new to the casino. The ‘deposit match’ code matches the amount of your initial deposit, as long as it’s in the allowed limits. This means that you get to determine the amount of the bonus in a way.


Satisfy the Wagering Requirements

There are a couple of strings attached to these promo codes when it comes to withdrawing the money. Those are the wagering requirements which are usually placed in the terms and conditions section and obligate the player to wage the “free money” a number of times before withdrawing it.

You need to pay attention to this aspect every time you decide to use a bonus. Some may be lighter, but other wagering requirements are made to bankrupt you.




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