What makes Lightning Roulette so popular among gambling fans?


The well-renowned software developer Evolution gaming launched a new version of Roulette called Lightning Roulette. You can enjoy this incredible game with higher payouts and five lucky numbers to win even more money. One of the crucial aspects of online casinos is the presence of ample display of games and it constantly evolves over time. Lightning Roulette is the scintillating fresh version of traditional casino games like Roulette.

This game can be enjoyed by both new players and casino veterans and itís super easy to grasp the game basics. The game of Lightning Roulette can be highly alluring with an advanced studio, superior interface, and fantastic sound effects.

How does it work?

Lightning Roulette works similar kind as that of the original Roulette game when it comes to the original game setup. On the bottom of the screen, you will find the usual betting alternatives together with a new and shocking feature which is the gameís true highlight. The payouts can be way higher than normal European Roulette and adds another layer of excitement that has never existed in live casino games in the past. When you place your bets, the blackboard with all the numbers will disclose where the other players have placed their bets. The more the numbers shake, the more players are betting on those.

Fabulous graphics

The strategy of Evolution Gaming is proving to be successful as their products such as Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette are known for their amazing graphics. For instance, the live casinos created by Evolution Gaming have a great appeal. The colors of Lightning Strikes are a pleasure to look at and so are the sound effects. The gameplay is stunning and of course, it is immensely exciting to have a chance on multiplying your bet.

Multiply your winning bet

Many online players estimate their winning odds before they start playing. A decent idea, because a game with low winning odds is not worth playing. The winning odds make Lightning Roulette markedly interesting. It comprises five extra lucky numbers than Standard Roulette. With these numbers, you can get multipliers of at least 50 times your bet and even possible to get a 500 times multiplier bet. 

Traditional Roulette vs Lightning Roulette

With the extra numbers of Lightning Roulette rewarding extra payouts, which differs the game from traditional Roulette. These extra payouts are paid because the plain and straight payouts are lowered. The other payouts are the same as with European Roulette. Lightning Roulette is also impressive if your intention is to extract some fun indeed. The appeal and graphics make the game worth playing as well. It even has an extra advantage as you donít have to deal with the higher house edge of the casino.

A fair game

Some players are not really satisfied with the lower winning odds of Lightning Roulette and begin to call it rigged. For instance, the game uses a Random Number Generator(RNG) to give every player a fair chance to win. The RNG chooses the number of Lightning Strikes that appear during a spin completely random. This is also suitable for the numbers that are struck by lightning.

Regulation principles associated with the game

The Random Number Generator and the Lightning Strikes make this Roulette version complex indeed. The RNG of a game is always verified rigorously before a permit is given. This task is carried out by the NMi which tests and certificates casino equipment. The NMi is acknowledged by supervisors like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. All the tests and permits make sure that you enjoy a safe game with random numbers and a payout percentage of 97.1 percent.  

This game has taken the best from normal European Roulette and added certain other features that make the game much more exciting.



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