How to Play Casino War


To attract more gamblers, both brick and mortar and online casinos use specific marketing strategies tailored to catch the eyes of players. One such strategy is to offer wide selection of diverse casino games. Slots are generally the most numerous games, but table and card games also dominate a casino game library.

Truth is, classic card games like baccarat and real money blackjack are not the only ones on offer; not so familiar games like Casino War are also part of this category. Casio War is a card game based on pure luck. If you have played War as a child, you have certainly made a bet who would draw the highest card. The casino version of the game works more or less the same, regardless whether you in a land based or a live online casino. After all, Casino War is considered to be one of the world’s easiest casino games as well as the only one where the player can beat the dealer in more than half the sessions.


Casino War Rules

To play Casino War, you place a bet and you and the dealer are dealt a card. You lose if the dealer has a higher card. If you have a higher card, you win even money. However, the result can be a tie and if you want to ‘got to war’ with the casino, you must place another bet equal to your first bet. Then the dealer will burn three cards and give you and himself another card. If your second card is the same or beats the dealer, you win even money on the raise and the initial bet is pushed.


What to Do If There Is a Tie?

When there is a tie, you can either go to war with the casino or surrender. According to mathematics, going to war makes sense, because if you surrender and lose, you lose half of your bet. However, if you go to war you risk 2 betting units for the chance to win one potential unit, which sounds like a bad idea. Still, surrendering is always less profitable than the possibility to earn a win.

Therefore, if you go to war with the casino the advantage of the house is 2.88%, while if you surrender at every tie event, the casino’s house edge is just over 4%. Still, in the end, the choice is up to you. In case the player decides to keep playing when there is a tie, three cards are burned i.e. discarded before another card is dealt to both the player and the dealer.


Side Wager and War

Just like in many other table game, there is a side bet in Casino War; when placing this bet, you guess that your first card will tie with the dealer’s card. The bet is paid 10 to 1 and a winning wager on this side bet can be very profitable. However, the casino’s house edge of this type of bet is more than 18%.



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