How to Play Blackjack?



Blackjack is one of the oldest gambling games known to humans. It was one of the first games that were introduced in the casinos and it remains one of the best to this day. The game is so popular that even Hollywood film producers have made awesome movies about some people that had a life-changing experience playing this game.

Today, land-based casinos are not the only place where you can enjoy Blackjack. The Internet revolution helped the creation of online casinos. They brought a whole new experience for the people that love gambling because now, everyone can enjoy hundreds of gambling games from the comfort of their home (check out to see just how amazing the games and the overall experience are).

Since a lot of people donít know what the rules of Blackjack are, we decided to shed a light into the game. Weíll give you a small history lesson and then teach you the basics. Letís begin.

The History

Blackjackís origin is unknown to this day. The first written stories about it date back to the early 1600s in a book by Miguel de Cervantes. The original name for this game was Twenty-One, but after it reached US soil, the name Blackjack stuck. The first scientifically attempt of playing Blackjack was during the 1950s. Since then, this game became one of the most popular, together with poker and slot games.

Rules of Play

In Blackjack, you play against the dealer. The goal of the game is to have a summed score of 21 with the cards that you've been dealt with. There are 3 ways that you can beat the dealer. First, if your summed score is higher than the dealerís without exceeding 21, get exactly 21 points with the dealt cards, or if you let the dealer draw cards until his sum exceeds 21.

In the beginning, both you and the dealer get one card. As each round passes, the dealer hands one card to you and one to himself. Occasionally, the dealer reveals one of his cards before you decide whether to be dealt with more cards or stop there. The closer you are to 21, the better. Once the dealer reveals his cards and you have a better score you win. Vice versa, if the dealer has a better score than you, the dealer wins.

The players have 5 options after being dealt with the initial two cards: Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split, or Surrender. Hit means that you want to be dealt with one more card, Stand means that you donít want to be dealt with cards anymore. Double Down increases the initial bet by 100%, Split opens up a new bet, and Surrender means that the player folds and the house gets half of the bet.

This game has been highly rewarding and people have won millions of dollars throughout the years (you can read more about a big winner at




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