History of Blackjack


Being one of the most popular games in the history of modern casinos, Blackjack offers players a  chance to use impeccable strategies to favour some of the best odds in the casino environment. It is the go-to-game for every professional out there as it gives them a chance to use a combination of strategies and less house edge. Although historians have struggled to find the true origin of the game, it is no doubt that the game has stood the test of time with modern popular variants including live casino and VR games.

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You are well aware by now, that Blackjack is significantly popular within the gambling community and is advised to rookies to take it up as a beginner’s game, but where did it originate from?

Probably, Spain, if you consider the first written evidence of the game. A writer by the name Miguel de Cervantes wrote about Blackjack as “Veintiuna” (21) in his short story book Rinconete y Cortadillo. He wrote that the game did not have any 10s but included aces which were valued at both 1 and 11.

Well, here’s where the dilemma occurs. Other historians argue that the game must have originated from two separate games namely the Italian Seven and a Half and the French Vingt-et-un.

In the 18th century, when Blackjack was revealed in France, the main attraction point was its simplicity. To win, a player needs a card total that is higher than the dealer's hand, but not over 21. In Blackjack, you make decisions about how much to bet, how many hands to play and how you play, The hand card counting is based on the all-important fact that Blackjack is not subject to the so-called law of independent trial. In the 1600s, Madame du Barry (the Mistress of Louis XV) and Napoleon played the game of Vingt-et-un or 21 when he was in his exile. The aim was to reach the number 21 without bursting.

By the 1700s, the game migrated from the European continent and into the American soil where it got the popular name of Blackjack and 21. Contrary to the Europeans who played for fun, the Americans tried to manipulate the game as a source of income by including gaming odds and changing bets. This continued up to the 1900s until the government found out that the game was used for several corruption rackets and crimes.

Modern Blackjack is based on the book written by Professor Edward Thorp who published it in 1960. His book included several techniques including card counting which made the game immensely popular among the casino players. Online Blackjack came to the scene by the 1990s. With the latest streaming technologies and the advancement of the internet, the game has been experimented to make it available to online customers digitally. You will find a number of online and Live Blackjack games in every online casino nowadays.




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