Gambling, The Oldest Hobby

The Human Race is several thousands of years old. No matter what you believe this is proven fact. Skeletons of the earliest humans have been discovered in all corners of the world and they date back thousands of years.

These skeletal discoveries where often found together with other artefacts that they used to use. From this data archaeologists and historians are able to give us an idea of how they used to live. They tell us how they used to work and even how they used to play.

Work and Fun

While it cannot be doubted that the earliest humans engaged in activities such as wild fruit and berry gathering and hunting, at that time these were not hobbies. A lot of things including reading and writing were not hobbies but work for the elite. The cave paintings might have been a way to communicate rather than a display of artistic flare.  

The only things that could challenge gambling online Australia  as the oldest hobby are probably singing, dancing and story-telling. These are all activities that could be done regularly after a day’s work to wind down.

But the question is how they were having fun even at work. The reality is that we can only join together bits and pieces of information to come up with a theory. Which scientists have to fail to prove is incorrect for it to be accepted. But, what we are sharing with you needs no theories or disproof.

Gambling from the Very Start

“I bet you that, I will kill an animal before you do”…. “You cannot run faster than me, whoever wins the race will take the head of deer/antelope”. These are just examples of the conversations that were likely taking place while the early humans used to work.

The reason why people have been fond of gambling is that it triggers the brain’s reward centre. Winning is just something that every human likes, visit and stand a chance to big cash prizes.



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