Gambling and Love


There are many things that people assume donít get along, yet in actual fact, it is just a matter of trying. Gambling and love are two of the most controversial things ever. Gambling because so many think its wrong and love because so many people think its right. So what happens when you out love and gambling together.

Similarities Between Gambling and Love


Gambling and love are both about passion. Passion is what drives a person in love to do the most insane things ever. At the same time, passion is what will drive  gambler to play the game. Either way, when it comes to both gambling and love, you van enjoy either of the two without any passion.


We all know there is  money in gambling, thatís the reason why most people gamble. Be it playing casino online us games or any other form of gambling, there is always money to be own. And you can ask anyone who has been in love that there is always money involved. We might to argue and say thatís not true, but we all know that love doesnít pay the bills.


You canít gamble without taking a risk and at the same time, you cant love without taking a risk as well. Another similarity between love and gambling. And one that that has cost both gamblers and lovers alike.

Differences Between Gamblers and Lovers

We talked about the similarities between gamblers and lovers, now for the differences. While gambling is choice, love and loving someone is not. You can choose which game to play, take for instance rugby betting sites slots or table games, but thatís not the case with love. You canít choose who to love or when to love it just happens.

Another difference between gambling is love is time management. When it come to gambling games you choose what time to play. However, when it comes to love and being the one tat you love, not so much.




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