Different Variations Of Online Bingo Games



The game of online bingo is a very interactive game as opposed to most gambling games. In most case people view these as not being essentially gambling activities as the winning opportunities afforded for the players are equal. There are a number of characteristics for internet bingo sites which make them highly social and people focused games.

Many websites offer Sportsbook, Casino, as well as Poker, if you want a change from Bingo. These websites include 32Red, William Hill and Bet365, which are well known for placing bets of all kinds. Boredom is never an issue when playing online. Online bingo sites such as https://www.internetbingosites.com/ will give you excellent recommendations for safe options on where to play.

Most of the sites will regulate the number of cards purchased by the players. This they do to ensure that all players have a chance to win and not just the high rolling players who normally purchase large numbers of cards.

Online Chat rooms

In the playing of internet bingo games, it is encouraged, recommended even, for players to chat and interact regularly. This is can be a lot of fun and you meet friends from all over the world. You will also learn and start using bingo lingo for regular dialogue. These include “Way to go” abbreviated to “WTG”, for when a player has won, as well as "1TG" for one number to go on a card. There are also many chat games for extra prizes.

The chat rooms are believed to establish retention of customers, most of whom are female.

How to Play  Internet Bingo

To start off one may be required to download the game through free software. Downloading the software results in more games to play and an overall better playing experience.

Another option at most websites is instant play right from their browser. This will require you to have Adobe flash installed on your PC.

Site Networks

A site is usually expected to have a large pool of players and when network games are involved, the pool of players is extremely high. The games are really exciting when they are from a network because the pots are a lot higher, sometimes into the hundreds of thousands. I have even seen them as high as one million dollars.

Legal Aspects of Bingo Games

For the greater part, bingo  has somehow evaded the restrictions of most gambling games including Sports bets. This is possibly attributable to the fact that in Bingo the “game of chance” the bets are extremely low and considered a soft gambling game.

Game variations

There are about four main game variations in bingo and we list these versions of internet bingo games below:

Thirty Ball version – also known as the speed game is essentially focused on a 3x3 card and the objective is for a player to come first by matching with the called up nine cards.

Seventy-five ball version – in this the matrix is a 5x5 card play.

Eighty ball version – Contains 16v numbers on a 4x4 card play.

Ninety ball version – Each column should hold nine numbers on a 9x3 card play aimed at leaving the desired pattern of numbers by marking of cards.

The lines that the players are to work on can be filled in vertical, diagonal and horizontal. In some instances, the player can win by filling out a single line and in other instances the player can win by filling out multiple lines or at times a full house line-fill is required. All the variations of internet bingo games are open for a player and these versions are available at most sites.



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