Best strategy to win at slots




The slots are the games that get the most attention in the casino and everyone loves playing them. But, not everybody wins. We all think that winning in slots is just a matter of being lucky, but there are some ways in which you can improve your chances of taking home some serious cash. So, if you love the slots but are getting sick of losing, why not adopt a winning strategy and turn your luck around?

First of all, if youíre playing slots to win rather than just to play for the fun of it then online slots is the way to go. In both the US and the UK itís been found that online slots have an average payback percentage of 99% while offline slots tend to hold back a bit more and you can never tell what your odds are of winning. Another benefit of using online slots rather than casino machines is that theyíre guaranteed to be fair. Rather than pulling an arm and spinning reels of symbols, online and video slots use a random number generator to determine the outcome. Different numbers represent different combinations of symbols and when you press the button or click the spin symbol, the random number generator stops on a random number to determine whether or not youíve lost. Random number generators donít have memory or the ability to choose which results it will show. It cycles through hundreds of numbers per second and the only thing determining the outcome is the timing of your mouse click or button press. This makes each spin independent of the last and makes the game overall as fair as possible.

If you want to start getting rewards from online slots then the first thing you need to wrap your head around is the concept of probability. The odds of online slot machines are determined through mathematics and are affected by the amount of reels, the amount of symbols and the way that the random number generator is programmed. Random number generators arenít obliged to give you a win. Every number they pick is 100% randomised, so even if you spin a thousand times thereís no guarantee that youíll get a win. In fact, there are a lot of slot machine myths that lots of players still believe that just arenít true and these myths certainly shouldnít be carried over when you start playing slots online. Losing multiple times in a row or playing on the slots during certain times of the day is not going to change your chances of winning and this is why the best slot strategy is to leave your superstitions behind and start looking at odds and Return to Player percentages. A lot of online casinos give out this information with their games so you can know exactly how good your chances are of wining. If the information isnít published online, you should be able to contact them and ask for it. All casinos are legally obliged to make this information available to the public.

So, now that you know what the odds are and all of your superstitious preconceptions have been debunked, itís time to start playing smart.  Rather than playing online slots with pitiful odds but a huge jackpot consider playing slots with good odds but a small jackpot. Rather than risking big money to win big, playing small and building up your winnings slowly is guaranteed to give you something to walk away with. This way youíre likely to lose less while you play and you wonít be wasting your time with constant losses in the hopes of getting big wins. Before you start playing slots itís also a good idea to give yourself an allowance. This is the amount of money youíre going to spend at the slots and no matter how big your winnings are youíre going to stop after the allowance has been spent. This way you wonít be risking your winnings on trying to win even bigger and youíre more likely to end up with profit rather than debt.