Things to keep in mind when picking the best online UK based casino website

(including sports betting)



Not all Casino websites are equal and it is very important that you pick the best and most effective for your purposes. There is a massive choice online and even as an experienced gambler, it can still be difficult to find your way through the myriad of choices available, there are in fact over 1000 to choose from. There are Instant Play, Download and Mobile versions available. Online casinos are not subject to the regulations associated with many other online facilities so taking time to do your own  research from the outset can save time and heartache in the long run. This article will provide information for you to help with that selection process. Before you read, check out

  • There should be a list of terms and conditions, it is wise to check them carefully as all will offer differing options. Look out for obvious issues,some can offer very misleading terms and conditions and if the wording appears unclear, there is room for error in their favour. There are articles and blog posts full of questions around this issue so have a look online to read about the issues others have faced. It may be to do with withdrawal limits which are low or the length of time it takes for a cash pay out to be made.

  • A simple search online for the casino of your choice may provide you with some information, there is a lot of mention of various casinos online and your favourite may be among them. There are websites which claim to rank casinos according to their popularity and reliability. I would urge caution as some of these sites will perhaps have a monetary interest attached to their information.

  • Online casinos vary quite considerably with regard to the types of games that they offer. Ensure that they offer the selection of games that suit your particular interest or skill set.

  • What about contacting the casino to test their online support, this is a good way of having a look at the level of support they are prepared to offer in the event of a problem.

  • Does the casino offer ‘Manual Flushing’? Some of the best ones do. Manual Flushing can be helpful in that it removes the temptation to re invest your winnings. The casino will remove your winnings so that you no longer have access to using them.

  • Look at the jackpots on offer and choose the best that you can find. Again, you will find a variety of choice when it comes to this factor. There is no point playing for small sums when you can play for millions instead!

  • Does the casino accept all forms of cards and other payment methods? Are they compatible with your chosen form of technology?


Above all, do your research, word of mouth recommendations are always the best way to go so ask around. More and more people are now using online gambling sites and it may be that you can learn from their mistakes to avoid making your own.   


Sports betting vs casinos


Sports betting sites work much the same as casinos do with the exception of the inline built online web games systems. You’ll want to look for a reputable company with good discounts much like you would with casino sites. You can do a range of google searches or ask for referrals. Make sure that these sites are also regulated by bodies such as the UK Gambling commision to make sure that you are not being scammed or ripped off.


Happy betting everyone



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