5 Casino Bonuses You Should be Claiming!



Everyone whoís ever gambled online has been offered some kind of bonus. Itís a big part of online gambling and players love it. Who doesnít want a bonus?!? Thereís a lot of different bonuses to be had, and keen players are claiming some bonuses you might not have ever heard of.

Hereís the 5 bonuses you should be claiming regularly:


1: Welcome Bonus

Everyone loves a welcome bonus! This is the casinoís way of saying thank you for choosing us! Thereís a lot of competition between casinos for players, and a big welcome bonus is a great way to lure in new gamblers. Look for the highest welcome bonuses you can find. Or, simply click here to get the biggest welcome bonus of 2017 so far!


2: Deposit Match Bonus

Not every casino offers a deposit match bonus, so if you find one that does, take advantage of it while you can. Deposit match bonuses are when a casino matches the amount of your deposit as a bonus. For whales and big spenders, deposit match bonuses can be huge amounts of money.


3: Play Only Bonus
A play only bonus is when the casino gives you free credits on your favorite games. Although, thereís a catch. You canít withdraw a play only bonus, you can only play it. But, you can withdraw any money you win while playing on this bonus.


4: Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is when the casino gives you a bonus for adding money to your account when itís running low or empty. Unlike a deposit match bonus, reload bonuses donít match the amount of your deposit, but they can still be hefty sums of money. The next time you add money to your account, make sure to check for a reload bonus!


5: Withdrawable Bonus

Very hard to find, withdrawable bonuses can be withdrawn as cash once the terms of the bonus are met. Just like play only bonuses, thereís a catch. Most casinos will require you to play many times the amount of the bonus before itís available. If youíre not a frequent player, it might take you quite a while to reach the minimum amount played to withdraw the bonus.


Always read and understand the terms of any bonus before claiming them. You donít want to be denied a bonus because you failed to meet the terms.


Now get out there and start claiming some bonuses!



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